How to get the most of your iPad

How to get the most of your iPad

When it was released the iPad was termed “magical” by Steve Jobs, and in many ways this is the ideal description.  The iPad allows its user to do so much more, from streaming movies, to surfing the net to becoming your new favourite library.  The problem is, not everyone knows about all the magical wonders that their iPad can actually do, therefore they aren’t using it to its full potential.  Now, the iPad has so many functions and abilities, it would be impossible to include them all here, so instead we have listed some of the best ways you can get the most out of your iPad.

  1.  Connect your iPad to your television, this will allow you to play games, stream movies and even browse your iPad photo’s on your TV.  There are a number of ways you can connect your iPad to your television, the only wireless way to do this is by purchasing AppleTV.
  2. Stream movies and music from your computer.  If you have a large movie or song collection, you won’t be able to put all of these onto your iPad, but what you can do is turn on home sharing, which allows any movies or albums stored on your desktop to be streamed straight to your iPad.  This gives you much more selection on what to watch or listen to.
  3. Use PhotoStream.  Using the Cloud-based photo sharing, Photostream lets you share photo’s between devices.  Once activated, Photostream will automatically download photographs onto every device which means you don’t have to do it manually yourself.
  4. Use Multi-tasking gestures, which allow you to switch between apps, go to the home screen and display the taskbar without having to touch the home button.  Multi-tasking gestures are essentially shortcuts, you can turn on multi-tasking gestures I your settings of your iPad.
  5. Facetime email addresses.  With a iPad you don’t place calls, instead you add a person using their apple ID, once you have done this you can facetime them.  Your iPad will send them a Facetime request and as soon as they accept a video conference will be launched.
  6. Use Parental Controls, if your child is going to be using your iPad you can limit what they can do, so they, for example, cannot delete any apps, download any apps, or browse the internet.
  7. Access your home computer wherever you are.  You will need to pay for an app to allow you to do this, but after this one-off payment you can access your computer and all of its files, even send email attaching documents, all from your iPad.
  8. Use Find my iPad, perfect for those who put down their iPad, and then forget where they have put it.  Turn on ‘Find my iPad’ in your settings and next time it is lost you can log into iCloud and send a message to your iPad displaying details on how to return it to you, should someone find it. You can also ask the iPad, through iCloud, to make a sound to help you to find it, this will override any volume or mute settings you have in place.
  9. Turn on triple-click.  Most people know you can double-click the home button to flick between apps, what they don’t know is you can go into your settings and turn on triple-click, which brings up a range of other options, including zoom and invert colours, or turns on the iPad’s VoiceOver function for the visually impaired.
  10. Use iTunes Match, there is an annual fee, to store your music on iCloud and then access it, or download it to any other device.  Download it onto all of your devices and sync each one, to get all of your music in one place.


For a more comprehensive understanding of the iPad and the functions is has to offer, consider signing up for a four day eCourse on the iPad, this will teach you everything you see listed here, and more.

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