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iPad, Kindle & Tablet Cases For Schools

It has become increasingly popular to use tablets and Kindles in schools these days, with some schools actually handing out tablets to students when they start. While this is incredibly popular with the children, it does represent a huge investment for the schools who recognise that children will engage more when they are using technology they are familiar with.
Devices are a huge investment for schools
The costs involved with this type of investment means that it is very important to keep the devices given to school children as safe as possible – especially considering the treatment they are likely to receive. Tablets and kindles thrown into lockers, into school bags and under beds may not survive one school year – let alone a whole school career. Few schools will be able to replace tablets that have been broken on a regular basis and insurance may not always cover all devices.
Our covers and case might be exactly what you need
Here at CaseHappy we supply cases and covers for tablets and Kindles (as well as many other device types) that are well made, designed perfectly for the device required and where the device can be used in a practical sense while being protected. They come in a variety of colours and designs that suit children from nursery age through to young adults.
We have found that school age children and young adults love our products such as the Shock-proof Cover that features a thick and flexible foam that will protect a tablet from all kinds of drops, knocks and wear and tear. For older children, the Smart Stand cover may be more appropriate, with its fashionable good looks and integrated stand – it allows kids to use the tablet for viewing video, for typing or when simply holding it securely.
The addition of other protective features such as a screen protector or waterproof cover might also be worth considering for children who are expected to take their tablet or Kindle on school trips, days out or field trips.
Get in touch today and see how CaseHappy can help you
We work with many schools, colleges and universities to supply them with cases and covers for Kindles and tablets that really offer exceptional value and perfect quality. Over the years we have built an enviable reputation for great customer service and perfect quality.
We are able to offer special discounts for bulk orders for schools, colleges and universities  and would be more than happy to have a chat with you regarding the needs of your school and your pupils.