Google Nexus Cases

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Nexus 7
The Nexus 7, Google’s flagship small tablet, is one of leading tablets in its class. With an affordable price together with its excellent build quality, this has made it a must have tablet in the Android world. But despite this excellent built quality, this device still needs high quality protection, defending it from the knocks of everyday use.
But we found that compared to other models such as Apple’s iPad, sourcing high quality, cases for the Nexus 7 can be more challenging.  While the iPad has many cases, with varying levels of protection, unfortunately the Nexus 7 is not so well catered for.
Here at case happy we have found the high quality protection that you have been looking for. We have a whole range of options for your Nexus 7, from rotating stands, waterproof cases and even charging docks.
Not sure if you have the first or second generation model? Simply look at the back of your tablet, if it has a rear facing camera then you have a second generation model. No matter what model you have, we have the case for you.
Nexus 10
The Nexus 10 is the tablet from Google who want more. Its high quality vast 10 inch screen has completely revolutionized the Android market. When it was unveiled it was competing directly with the likes of the iPad, with the highest revolution screen on the market. All this despite being the most affordable tablet in its class.
With the added convenience of its slim and portable form factor, it is a device that you can literally take anywhere. With this level of portability, you need a level of protection to match its power. This device needs some serious protection.
Like its smaller sibling the Nexus 7, it can be a challenge to get that high quality dedicated protection you need, a case that is not going to compromise the user experience in any way. Although various case options are widely available for more mainstream models, like the iPad, this same is not true for the Nexus 10.
This is where Case Happy comes in. With us you will find some of the best cases on the market, dedicated to the Nexus 10. So, whether you are looking for tough case, a flip case to impress your friends or even a charging stand, you have certainly come to the right place.