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iPad 10.2 7th/8th/9th Gen Cases

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iPad 10.2 9th Gen Smart Stand Case Cover
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iPad 10.2 Smart Thin Case Cover
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iPad 10.2 Flip Stand Case Cover
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iPad 10.2 Kids Child Shockproof Cover Case
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The Ultimate Screen Cleaning Cloth
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Welcome to Apple’s latest version of the everyman’s tablet, the iPad 10.2 (2019/2020 7th & 8th Generation) which brings their unique usability and style to the masses by way of great value and affordability. When investing in such an item, it’s imperative for the care and longevity of the device to suitably clothe and protect it to withstand modern life. For this, look no further than CaseHappy’s fantastic range.

What there is to love about the new iPad 10.2?

Well, we’d say a lot! This could arguably be called Apple’s greatest value for a new iPad yet as it shares many features with more expensive models, but at a comparatively reasonable price. Its screen is slightly bigger than previously, it has strong performance by way of a faster chipset than before, it boasts 32G storage and has an upgraded 20w fast charger. In a nutshell, it may well just be the perfect all-rounder for the average user - or even a great 1st iPad for the uninitiated. Therefore, you’re going to need a worthy cover to reflect all the love in the room and create a marriage made in heaven.

Finding a perfect partner for your 2019/2020 7th & 8th Generation iPad 

Because of this iPad’s versatility and usability, it really is a device for all environments. Therefore, CaseHappy have provided a range of cases to suit all lifestyles and uses.  With the choice of trendy slimline silicone, timeless leather-look, and function-led swivel cases - each in a wide range of colours - every taste is catered for. Add to the list chunky silicone child-proof shock absorbing cases for your beloved, yet potentially rambunctious, little ones and we really do have things covered. Literally.

Flexibility and quality in an iPad cover you can rely on 

To keep up with your busy lives, its essential your iPad 10.2 cases get with the program too. From movie watching, to sometimes endless online browsing, to email composing (and beyond) you need covers that offer flexibility. Plus, any of the aforementioned activities can take place in a myriad of different locations, therefore, perfect functionality, first-rate protection and, of course, style that reflects your unique personality are a must. Most of our iPad 10.2 cases convert into a sturdy stand, fit comfortably into your bag or briefcase and some even provide 360-degree rotation! Of course, each one offers full access to all of the buttons and ports, allowing you to use the device whilst keeping it protected. 

So, if you want to give your truly fantastic iPad the case it deserves, look no further than the CaseHappy range.