iPad 9.7 Cases & Covers

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When Apple come up with something new - so do we! The latest iPad 9.7 is Apple’s newest incarnation of their classic tablet computer and it has so many fabulous features that we knew it needed some pretty special iPad cases to keep it looking spick and span. In fact, our range of cases for your 2017 iPad will protect and show off your device and will make you want to take it everywhere including work, on holiday and even to the beach. With a range of cases that can meet all of the demands you place on your devices - we know you are going to find one to suit your needs.

What makes the iPad 9.7 so special?

This is a tablet that truly announces its arrival. With a 10 hour battery life and plenty of memory, this is a tablet that can be used for games on the go and is perfect for watching video or streaming. The iOS10 makes it possible to use two apps at once, works seamlessly with Siri and even backs up all your files to the Cloud. This is a tablet that you can take anywhere and use for almost any purpose. So that means you need an iPad cover that allows you the same flexibility the tablet does.

Showing off your iPad tablet in style

Leather, faux leather, cotton canvas, stripes, bold florals, geometric, brights and plain...you name it, we just about have it. No matter what your personal style is, the outfit that you want to match, the way you use your iPad or the individual look you want to achieve, we have a tablet cover that will set you apart from the rest. Our colour range is ideal for kids, while the more sedate among us will love the plain leather- look professional iPad cases that really give you the edge at work.

Protection of your iPad 9.7 always comes first

No matter what you are doing with your iPad 9.7, you know that protecting it is uppermost in your mind. So that means you need to choose kids cases with chunky edges and shock protection for when your device is going to be treated with a little less care. If you are travelling you might want to protect with a magnetic case with a microfibre interior to protect your screen and if you are on holiday, a waterproof case is ideal to protect from those poolside splashes.

Your new iPad case gives flexibility

Almost all of our iPad cases offer the flexibility of an in-built stand. Many have 360 degree rotation and most offer different angles of viewing. So whether you are on a plane, in bed or sitting in the back of the car, your new iPad 9.7 covers will give you the chance to both watch video with ease and use the screen as a mini laptop (just add a keyboard or use the on-screen one). All iPad cases offer full access to all of the buttons and ports, allowing you to use the device while it is protected. Of course removing the iPad from the cases is almost always pretty easy, if you want to do that too.

So if choice is what you need and you want your new iPad to look great, you have come to the right place.