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Some say “good things come in small packages” and in this instance the team at CaseHappy couldn’t agree more.  The iPad Mini 5 (2019/2020), Apple’s latest incarnation of their smallest tablet, is a true gem and therefore needs a rather special range of cases to protect and show it off. We, of course, have stepped up to the plate by providing a range that we know will meet all your needs when deciding on the right choice of protection for your little friend.

What makes the iPad Mini 5 so mighty?

In a world where bigger is increasingly being seen as better (newer models of mobile phones continue to grow in size) the iPad Mini 5 stands its ground by packing in the best of Apple’s larger iPads into just 7.9-inches worth of display.  For one so petite it boasts excellent performance and includes True Tone Technology, iPad OS and mouse + keyboard support to name but a few features. Add to that the base model offers a very decent 64GB of storage and 10-hour battery life and you’ve got yourself a pocket-sized powerhouse. It’s only fitting that such a device demands the right case.

Giving your 2019/2020 iPad Mini the cover it deserves

Whether you favour the sleek, slimline and clean look of silicone, or the timeless and smart aesthetic that is synonymous with leather (or vegan-friendly synthetic leather in our case) we’ve got the perfect range for you to choose from. With too many colour options to mention here, we’re confident you’ll find a case that not just meet your expectations, but exceeds them.

Protecting your little bundle of joy with the protection it needs

Just like anything precious in our lives, our devices need the right protection to see them through the day-to-day business of being, especially when the average modern life demands so much of them. Our range of covers will enable your iPad Mini 5 to do everything it was designed to do (plus more!) in any of the environments you might want to use it in - from home and work, to play and holidays.

Getting true versatility from your iPad cover

Regardless if you’re at home, at work, travelling or on holiday, you need a cover that allows you to use your iPad effectively, yet whilst giving it that vital protection. Our luxury range of cases offers multi-position stands, auto wake/sleep support, strong magnetic closure and some of them even provide a little pocket for storing notes and business cards. Add to that, cut-outs for all ports, buttons and the rear camera and you’ve got the perfect partner for your small, but perfectly formed, 2019/2020 iPad Mini 5.