Kindle Paperwhite Cases

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The Kindle Paperwhite is many people’s favourite ereader, offering all you bookworms out there an enhanced reading experience with its traditional e-ink, high resolution display with built in light, easily adjustable back lighting and a touchscreen display. But it is a screen that is vulnerable to scratches, so picking the right cover for your Kindle Paperwhite is important if you want to save your ereader from the rigours of day to to use. 
Our Kindle Paperwhite covers are smart cases designed to be both attractive and fully functional allowing you to relax knowing you ebooks are not going to suffer a harmful accident. These cases are tailored to fit the Paperwhite, which is an essential part of their success. Like many Kindle accessories our Kindle paperweight cases come in variety of finishes and there are a wide variety of covers to reflect different personalities and reading habits.  These cases are solid, but not weighty, let's put it this way you won't notice the difference in your bag.  The covers come in wide variety of colours and finishes, so you can cover up your Kindle from dawn til dusk in colour that suits the moment, or kick back at the weekend with a loud and proud down time design.
Our Kindle Paperwhite covers make it OK to judge a book by its cover.