Nexus 10 Cases & Covers

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The Google Nexus 10 is a dazzling tablet at an affordable price which has revolutionised the android market, offering a powerful product with the highest resolution display on the market and premium hard and software. However, just because Google have managed to offer the opportunity for an affordable tablet, doesn't mean it deserves any less protection and you will need to ensure your fantastic new bit of mobile kit is well protected from the rigours of life.
The Nexus 10 is extremely slim and portable, making it easy to take with you wherever you go. But it can still get damaged and its size means it will probably end up chucked in a bag with more ease. This tablet needs seriously good protection.
We soon became aware that while Apple's iPad was easy to source a cover for, there are many different options, the Nexus 10 was not so well catered for. The importance of a snug fit is going to mean all the difference in offering the best protection for your Google Nexus 10. We also understand the desire to have a precision feel to your tablet. You should not have to compromise on design in anyway and that means using a case for your Nexus 10 that is designed to fit and function. Our Nexus 10 covers are tailored to fit, and come in an impressive flip and stand design.
Your Google Nexus 10 deserves a case as impressive as it is.